Xanadu Brokerage

Xanadu Brokerage

Xanadu brokerage is an integrated real estate service provider, whose services relates to asset management and real estate transaction services, covering leasing, second-hand housing, asset management, overseas real estate, and other fields. It is a leading real estate services platform in China.

1. Data: Provide real estate database and real, comprehensive and up-to-date data

2. Offline: professional one to one service provided by thousands of brokers 

3. Online: connection among owners, tenants and brokers through Internet 

4. Service: guaranteed services, responsible for the transaction risks


A、Second-hand housing leasing, purchasing and selling 


With a database in large quantity of real housing resources, users are able to locate precisely, find a satisfying house, and complete the tour of broker matching, trading and other steps quickly online. This helps customers achieve a real time-saving service.

Meanwhile, the owner can achieve online authorization to exclusive broker, who can provide services including on-site survey, feedback and housing information updating and maintaining, also this kind of one to one service can avoid the tenants being harassed effectively, and it makes it convenient for the broker to satisfy the needs of the tenant.

B、Overseas property

In early 2015, Xanadu overseas business department was established; Canada and US business division were successively founded. Currently, overseas properties have covered many popular countries or districts, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia and so on, which the product line directly includes cover the residential, commercial real estate. This can provide Chinese investors with professional services for global asset allocation.

"We provide comprehensive asset custody solution"



A、Charter service

  • Owners’ whole-process housing custody

  • We offer steward-style custody service

  • No need to worry about house vacancy

  • Stable income/ house appreciation/ worry free


B、Agency service

  • Owners offer houses

  • We offer related rental services 

  • Looking for target tenants

  • Stable income/ house appreciation/ worry free


C、Custody service

  • Owners rent houses by themselves

  • we provide professional after rent management service

    for houses and tenants

  • Housing value maintenance | Housing Maintenance |




We are experts in asset management. We provide delightful real estate services with our efforts


Integrity: We are honest, and we earn 100% trust from our customer.

Professional: We are experts in asset management



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