Business model and advantages


Xanadu goal: To build an international standard luxury serviced apartment 

Xanadu principles: Adhering to local cost and high-quality

Xanadu pattern: comprehensive professional home decoration, equipped with personalized furnishings and fine customer service, to build a modern and comfortable living space for customers.


Full asset custody




Before renting


According to the idea of developers and the conditions of the property, Xanadu offer the following services before renting:


1. Offer professional indoor design and decorating services


2. Equip the property with upscale modern home furniture and decorations tailored by Italian professional designers


3. Equip the property with luxury bedding and bathroom articles specialized in five-star hotels


4. Equip the property with Superior quality kitchen appliances


5. Help improve all the work prior to check-in: such as the installation of internet, satellite television and other ancillary facilities


6.Provide comprehensive advertising for magazines, websites, e-mail and other multimedia platforms


7. Provide professional sales team and promote by cooperating with major agencies from other cities


8. Provide agency and showing-around service






After renting


1. Provide professional, comprehensive property clean service, and get prepared before checking in


2. Pay gas, water, and electricity and other public utilities fee, and telephone charges, on behalf of the owner


3. Submit check reports to developers and owners after checking in


4. Handle on behalf the relevant procedures of checking in and related matters


5. Assist developers and owners to do repairing and routine maintenance work in time


6. Urge the agency to pay the rent every month on time


7. Offer professional housekeeping services






After surrender of tenancy 


1. Assist developers, property owners to check after the tenant moves out


2. Submit check reports on furniture, appliances and other facilities to developers and owners after the tenant moves out


3. Assist developers, owners and tenants settle all costs and produce financial statements


4. Provide housing renovation and furniture maintenance services 





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