• Owners ---Zero cost

Signed a trust agreement - at no cost!

  • Us ---- For free

  • Xanadu offers for free: furniture configuration and accessories design by professional designers

  • Offer through early loaning: five star hotel furniture, lamps, curtains (this fee deduction from the rent after rental)

  • Offer for free: configure linen, jewelry, carpets, kitchen supplies and other luxury accessories, and make it become an upscale serviced apartment model

  • Offer for free: advertising platform for internet, magazines, newspapers and other professional multimedia , and recommendations of Beijing's major cooperation agencies

  • Offer for free: cleaning service before renting, to ensure high quality

  • Specification: furniture and accessories from Xanadu not only provide zero-cost service for the owners, but the foreign designers from Xanadu have worked in China for over ten years, who know western culture and the requirements of foreign tenants, furniture design , accessories achieved overall style effect, after years of market-proven, so they can design some furniture and accessories particularly favored by foreign tenants.


  • Owners -- entrust and provide a bank account to receive


  • Us -- do everything, make you free from any worries

Our business process models:


Help to get the house and repair as soon as possible


Sign a hosting contract and get the key


Furniture, lamps, curtains, accessories, home appliances, and cleaning


A unique marketing channel - exclusive media resources for foreign customers


  • Extensive cooperation with Beijing's major agencies, a strong agent network

  • Exclusive agent world's top 500 foreign-funded enterprises and direct referral from ambassadors from various consulates 

  • A professional team with 20 years’ working experience--- superior negotiation ability


  • Sign a contract: negotiate contract terms

  • Purchase and install on behalf: purchase on behalf all kinds of household appliances and daily necessities. Offer some household appliances suppliers with long-term cooperation to save money and energy!Install on behalf satellite TV, open telephone and internet.

  • Check-in : submit check-in report

  • Agency: check-in, the property for the record, foreign proof of residence, and unstamped tax bill

  • Pay on behalf: monthly phone bills, utilities, property costs, club fees, taxes

  • Assistance: routine maintenance, rent reminders

  • Try air conditioner, try hot and cold water, try electricity, get on behalf water and electricity cards, and access card, a free comprehensive cleaning before check-in

  • Chekout


  • Customer Service Center : establish a call center to offer English reception services

  • Housekeeping department: twice a week cleaning service; laundry and dry cleaning service and housekeeping service

  • Engineering department: indoor repair and maintenance services; indoor furniture periodical maintenance services

  • Finance department: pay on behalf utilities and telephone charges; offer rent and other fees bill regularly

  • Urge customers to pay all fees in time

  • After-sale Service Department: deal with everyday problems effectively


1. Exclusive ------- international designers team

With more than 20 years’ market experience, these professional designers are familiar with Western culture and foreign customers' lifestyle and living environment

2. Exclusive ------- furniture, accessories, lamps suppliers that are specialized for five star hotels

    Professional Supplier Quality Assurance

    Mass customization, low cost

    Overall style favored by foreign customers, high turnover rate

    Flexible service , transactions ensurance, high yields ensurance:

    Timely replacement, renovation, maintenance, recycling and other discount services

    Greatly reducing the secondary input costs of re-rent, and the flexibility of different customers’ needs, to ensure high turnover rate and sustained earnings!

3. Exclusive------- professional linen (bedding, and toiletries) supplier specialized for five star hotels

    Features: the linen demanded by foreign guests are those with five-star hotels’ quality, and the size is special which demand customization, because the general market can not satisfy.

4. Professional Markets to promote Media Resources

    We are experienced in marketing, and we have accurate media channels. We have websites, magazines, newspapers only for foreign customers

5. A professional team with 20 years’ experience, and a strong agent team

    Xanadu team:

6. Exclusive agent for many World’s top 500 foreign customers

    We offer specialized settlement services for foreign companies and the world's top 500 companies’ employees, and realize the one-stop service management.

Following are some companies that cooperate in long term with Xanadu:



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